Perfect Groove for HD Vinyl

Perfect Groove HD is currently under development and will be available in 2021. The software cuts virtual grooves, provides groove optimization tools and creates a 3D topography needed to laser-cut HD Vinyl stampers.

Perfect Groove HD

About HD Vinyl


HD Vinyl stampers are made out of ceramics and cut with a high precision laser. No more electroplating, no more toxic chemicals.

No audio loss

Tradional stampers are copied multiple times, gradually losing audio information. HD Vinyl stampers are lasercut directly from the source.

No stamper wear

Nickle stampers have to be replaced after 1,500 copies. HD Vinyl stampers can press up to 10,000 copies without quality loss.

Better sound

HD Vinyl optimizes the space between grooves, using it for higher dynamics and a better signal-to-noise-ratio.

Longer play time

The optimized space between grooves also increases the play time up to 30% compared to standard records.

Backwards compatible

HD Vinyl records can be played with every standard turntable.