Optimize your grooves and save time

Perfect Groove Software lets you virtually cut a vinyl master, detect critical areas and pre-listen the audio quality. You cut faster, prevent errors and save money.

Virtually cut optimized grooves for vinyl records

Detect critical areas early in the process and adapt your mastering

Push the limits of dynamics, frequency range and playing time

Check audio quality by simulating different types of cartridges

Replace the delicate lathe cutting with a fast and fail-safe process

Optional: Transform audio masters into a 3D topography for HD Vinyl


Groove ControlGain full control of all groove parameters and optimize dynamics, fequency range as well as playing time.
Critical Area DetectionThe software flags critical areas and allows you to avoid skipping and mistracking while pushing the limits.
Pre-ListeningPre-listen to the record before the stamper is cut and check the sound quality with different types of cartridges and styli.
HD Vinyl TopographyTransform your master file with one click into a 3D topography in order to produce a laser-cut HD Vinyl stamper.
Perfect Groove Software Screenshot


While mastering remains the same for HD Vinyl, the process to produce records is faster, less prone to errors and leaves a smaller environmental footprint:

Traditional stamper

Master disk cutting with a lathe
Create and electroplate father disc
Create and electroplate mother disc
Create and electroplate stamper
Pressing of up to 1,500 records

HD Vinyl stamper

Create 3D topography with Perfect Groove
High-precision laser cuts the stamper
Pressing of up to 10,000 records

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